Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Transitional Piece: Turquoise Skirt

Lately we've been having the perfect weather to wear outfits like this one-nice, sunny, and 70 degrees.  This is inspired by Kendall Jenner, whose style I am really liking lately (though I'm a few years older than her).  Honestly, I'm liking both of the Jenner sisters fashion choices.  I immediately thought of my turquoise skirt I bought from Express a few years ago.  Normally at this time of year, this skirt would have been waiting in a bin until summer rolled back around.  However, with all the ways fashion experts show that clothes can be transitioned into different seasons and the fact that it's still not that cold here yet, I figured I could leave a bunch of "summer" items on the hanger for a while longer.  I threw on a purple scarf because I've always loved turquoise and purple together.  I felt so cute in this and I had my long hair in (lol).

*me: jacket-Express;top-Forever 21;boots-K-Mart
scarf-Charlotte Russe; skirt-Express

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