Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jail Stripes and Brights

This fashion inspiration is comes courtesy of Ms. Kelly Osbourne.  This is a look she wore back in March or April of last year on my favorite show, Fashion Police.  She is in a blazer and pants by H&M, shirt by Alexander Wang, and shoes by Aldo. At first, I thought the top was red (which is what I would have put with it), but then I realized it was orange and that made me appreciate this look sooooo much more! I love that all the colors in this look go with each other, but wouldn't necessarily be thought of to put all of them together.  You could wear this look with a black top or you could just wear the top and pants.  But I love how she threw them all together and made it work.  And it's SO true to her style and love of print and bold colors. (ie her purple hair )   The shoes were a bit too daring for me so I played it safe with black. This is outfit is definitely out of my comfort zone as far as the color pairing goes, but I think I pulled it off!! (Plus, I got a quite a few compliments on it as well :) 
SN:I know you can't tell but my top is orange too. I guess the lighting didn't quite capture that *shrugs*

*Me-Blazer: Olsenboye (JCP); Top: Forever 21; Pants: New York & Company;
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Brightening Up the Winter with Neon

So back in November, I got an email from Express advertising the neon items they had in store.  And because I LOVE color, I obviously love neons!!!  I have seen (and worn) neons with black before, but this particular look caught my attention because it was an edgier take on the neon trend.  Plus, I don't wear neons in the fall/winter because it's just a bit too bright for me.  But I like this look a lot.  And I thought the coated skinnys and leather jacket definitely gave me that "edge". 
(P.S. sorry about the blurriness of this pic but it would not let me save it and I had to go through some crazy methods to get this pic on here!!)

*me: Jacket: Express; Top: Forever 21; Pants: JCPenney; Shoes: Ebay

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Leather and Lace

 Today's fashion inspiration comes from two trends that were big on the runways for fall 2012- leather and lace.  Because I love them both, I decided to combine an outfit with both of the trends.  I first saw the two trends combined on Ashley Greene back in January 2012 at the People's Choice Awards.  The DKNY black leather and lace mini stood out in my mind and I knew I wanted to wear a similar combo.  I then saw Kim K. in a Monica Chiang leather pencil skirt.  I also loved Kerry Washington in her leather pencil skirt.  After seeing the pencil skirts, I decided to look for a skirt instead of a dress like Ashley's.  I love this combination of sexy and sophistication.  Though you can't fully see the bag, I added a black and white polka dot clutch to through another pattern in there.  Plus, black and white is a big color combination trend right now.  This skirt is my new favorite item right now!!!!

**me- Top-Kohl's; Skirt: JCPenney; Shoes: Ebay; Bag: Cato's

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Leopard Cardigan+Wedge Sneakers

Back in January, I saw this pic of Miranda Kerr in a A.L.C. cardigan and Helmut Lang leather leggings.  I thought it was a cute airport outfit.  The cardigan was a nice touch since it was blue and white, but the shoes (Isabel Marant wedge sneakers) brought the outfit a different vibe and are what caught my eye.  My friend and I were in Target and she actually tried on a similar pair and I liked them, but not enough to purchase them for myself.  This pic changed my mind!  I love sneakers. I'm an Adidas fanatic! But, sneakers have a way of making you look younger and don't always translate well when you want to look a bit more dressy.  These wedge sneakers do that.  I love them and they are now going to be a permanent wardrobe staple in my closet.  The cardigan I'm wearing has kind of just been sitting around collecting dust in my closet.  But I love how it looks here with this outfit.  *Note to self: You can breathe new life into items in your closet just by paring them with something different than how you wore it before :)

**me- Cardigan: Michael Kors; Blouse: Old Navy; Leggings: MNG by Mango; Shoes: Target
 These are the varieties of the Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers that are available: