Saturday, February 28, 2015


Every year for the past few years, I decide on a color(s) that I want to wear a lot of for the fall and spring. When I saw Emma Stone in this dress, I decided to make green (hunter, forest, and the jewel tone version which I have on) my fall color.       (I also chose Ivory...see the previous blog.)  Unfortunately, these shades of green are a bit hard to find so in the end, I only found this skirt. I already had the blazer, so I figured I would pair them together.  I'll try again next year *shrugs*

***Me- Blazer and Skirt: Forever 21; Shoes: Target; Bag: Cato

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

White Macadamia

 I would have never in a million years paired white and off-white together.  Why not? Well, reason one is that I felt (and still kind of feel) one shade is for winter and the other shade is for summer, so both shades of clothing are never in my closet at the same time.  Two, I just never liked how the colors looked paired together.  I felt like it clashed too much.  And then Rihanna (of course) goes and wears it....and now I love it lol! And that's what always happens to me when Rihanna wears anything! 

***Me- Cardigan and Top-Forever 21; Jeans: Express; Sneakers: Guess

Photo Credit: Rihanna's IG

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Long Vest

I love vests, kimonos, and coverups in general, so of course I had to purchase this long vest when I saw Laura Govan (who I must say has GREAT style) in hers! These vests are nice to wear on my "feeling fat" days and when I want to wear "too short" styles in conservative settings, as I did on this day. (Plus, this skirt kept rising up like all my pencil skirts do, which is incredibly annoying smh!)  Once it gets warmer, I plan to wear my other long vest I have the way Laura has done here, which I can't wait to try out because I don't normally pair long or big clothes together because the proportions can make you look bigger or sloppy. Check me out below....

***Me: Vest and Skirt: Forever 21; Top and Bag: Express;  Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Photo Credit: @lauramgovan via Instagram

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Compilation: Joggers

 So I am really loving the athleisure trend-the cute sweatshirts, comfy joggers, and stylish sneakers. Though I haven't displayed it on this blog, I'm really a jeans and sneakers (Adidas) girl at heart.  However, once I got older and worked in different environments that didn't allow sneakers and (sometimes) jeans, I had to adapt *shrugs*  However, it's still important that I'm comfortable in whatever I wear, so these joggers I've gravitated to allow me to look presentable and comfy. I was able to wear two of these looks to church and one to work, so I love that it easily translates to all aspects of my life! Here's a compilation of three looks from the past year...

Pic Set 1: Top: MNG by Mango; Pants: ASOS; Cardigan: Charlotte Russe; Shoes: Express; Bag: Steve Madden
Pic Set  2: Top: Rainbow; Pants: Burlington; Shoes: BCBG
Pic Set 3: Sweater: Forever 21; Top and Pants: Rainbow; Shoes: BCBG; Bag: Aldo

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