Saturday, December 15, 2012

Denim Shirt + Stripes

I was looking in a JCPenney catalog when I came across this outfit.  It's basically printed skinny jeans, flats, striped sweater, and the added denim shirt. But, I love the fact that it consist of red and blue items of different prints.  It has stripes, it has denim, and it has polka dot.  There is a lot of prints going on here but it works.  It just looks so fashionable, trendy, and comfy all at once.  I have red denim, but decided to opt for a cousin of red instead-oxblood (wine, burgurdy, etc) which is the "it" color right now.  I added my denim shirt to the striped sweater and traded the flats for some oxblood wedges instead.  I added the glasses to give it what I like to call my "smart school girl vibe."  Here's my look...
*me-Denim Shirt:Charlotte Russe
                                                               Sweater:Forever 21
                                                               Pants: Dorothy Perkins
                                                               Glasses:Forever 21

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