Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Zoe's Printed Pencil Skirt

So here's another feature from People Style Watch's October issue (this issue was one of the best in a long time btw)...

Zoe Saldana, another one of my style favorites, is wearing a super cute top and skirt by Prabal Gurung with Christian Louboutin pumps.  I just love how comfortable she looks in it and surprisingly, I love the print on the skirt.  From past posts, you should know that I don't love prints because for one, I feel overwhelmed looking at them, two, I'm an accessories girl-you can't throw on a bunch of jewelry with a print (at least that's how I feel), and three, it brings back scary memories from my childhood which consisted of wearing big, frilly, flower printed dresses!! But lately, I have been venturing more and more into the world of prints, so I looked at one of the outfit suggestions they included (top right) and tried it for myself.

**Me- Top and Skirt: Sears; Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Overall, I liked the outfit.  Sears had a purple blouse as well as this teal one, but I thought the teal looked better, and I've really been feeling that color lately.  Plus, the material was just so nice!  The skirt was also cute (loved the print and it was half price), but Sears clothing sizes are a bit big, so it didn't fit as tight as I would have liked.  The shoes were the only thing I would change.  My feet don't do well in pointy toe shoes so I didn't have any to wear. Instead, I wore a pair of round toe platform pumps, but I just think it would have looked better with a skinnier, pointed shoe. (Btw, after I wore this, I ended up finding an AWESOME pair of super pointy toe black pumps..and my feet love them too!!!)

Photo Credit: People Style Watch

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Beetlejuice Pants

(I hope you get the title reference lol....)

So the first time I wore these pants in the summer, I styled them similar to Hilary Duff's look-with a bright heel (pink to be exact). 

Recently, I came across this piece in October's People Style Watch (my favorite mag!!) and was delighted to see that their "Everything Under $100" featured the exact same pants I purchased from Foreign Exchange a few months ago! I absolutely love these jeans! They appear to elongate your leg because of the vertical design, they are made of the softest material, AND fit your legs soooo wonderfully! I will say that I didn't like how the black was faded, but that's just me being nitpicky.

This time, I decided to "winterize" these pants and wear it similar to how Gwen Stefani did with a blazer and open toe booties.

**Me- Blazer: Sears; Top: Charlotte Russe; Skinnies: Foreign Exchange; Booties: Guess

Photo Credit: People Style Watch

Monday, November 4, 2013

It's A Celebration B*****s

Today is my blog's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! This day last year, I put up my first post.  I'm so grateful that I was able to turn a dream into a reality.  This blog was an idea I had in my head for the longest time.  I've always gravitated to "The Look for Less" or "Where to Buy Similar Items" features in blogs and magazines, so basically this blog is just an extension of what I've always done. My friend Tia was really instrumental in helping me make this happen and I am so grateful for her!  Also, I've had a few photographers along the way (for those days when I just couldn't seem to capture the pics myself), so special thanks to Tia, Kim, Cam, Tasha, Josh, and Kay.  And thanks to all who have viewed this blog (I don't know who you are, but my view numbers are increasing daily lol)!

And yes, I brought a cupcake just for this and it was sooo good!! lol

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Color Combo: Rose+ Oxblood+ Grape

So I saw Ashley Madewke (who's blog I just started to follow recently) in this outfit and it instantly grabbed me.  I think she looks absolutely chic and I love the color combination she chose.  The rose jacket, burgundy sheath, and purple heels complement each other so well!  So, I gave it a shot with the colors/items I had in my closet...

**Me- Blazer: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's; Top: Alloy; Pants:  Dorothy Perkins;  Bag: Aldo

Photo Credit: