Sunday, May 19, 2013

Diane's Floral Print Trousers

Today's inspiration comes from Diane Kruger's photo-call outfit for her film back in late January.  She is wearing a vest and silk floral print trousers by Stella McCartney.  This look embodies 4 trends: printed pants, floral, tapered hem trousers, and black/white.  I like that she kept it black/gray/white and didn't add a pop of color or fussy jewelry.  Again, I love effortless, yet fashionable outfits and this is another perfect example.  I was a bit nervous about the tapered hem (aka borderline MC Hammer-time pants), but I decided to take a tiny step out of my fashion comfort zone and try the trend.  I came across several similar pants at Forever 21 (of course!).  I already had a black tee, vest, and pumps, so I really only spent about $25 to recreate this look, saving myself $900 lol (her trousers are $925!).

**Me-Top: Charlotte Russe; Vest, Trousers: Forever 21; Pumps: Payless

Monday, May 13, 2013

Oranges and Bananas

Here's another look inspired by Solange Knowles.  I ran across this picture of Ms. Knowles back in March.  Her color combination of citrus and mustard (at least that's the most accurate description of the shades to me) is absolutely gorgeous!  Even though the colors are bright and eye catching, it's still a classic look because she chose classic cut and silhouette for the dress and coat .  I have never worn orange and yellow together unless it's already the color combination in a tee or jewelry, but this look really made me want to go for I did!  However, I reversed it and made the main color orange instead.  I really liked the outfit came together. 


**Me: Top, Crops, Shoes- J.C. Penney
Blazer-Charlotte Russe