Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pop of Color

I'm always rushing around in the a.m. to get dressed, eat, brush my teeth, fix my hair, etc. So it's important that I get my hands on outfits that can be put together in a hurry, but without looking sloppy.  Earlier in the week, I was online and saw Khloe and Kim in these cute black and colored jean outfits.  (I was excited just for the fact that Kim was in color again!!)  I love the simplicity and the pop of color.  It really looks like it took them no time to get dressed...perfect for me to be inspired by.  This outfit was effortless and I managed to be out the door quickly and at work on time.

 *me-Blazer: Sears; top: Delia's; Pants: Forever 21; Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory

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