Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Teal is one of my all-time favorite colors, and I've always been a hat girl.  I decided to dig this dress out when I saw these outfits by Zimmerman online. I especially love the watercolor effect this dress gives off.

***Me- Hat: Express; Dress and Bag: Jessica Simpson; Sweater: Burlington; Shoes: Aldo


Photo Credit: Accesories Magazine

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Caramel Delight

I saw this skirt on Rita, I needed one similar in my life. That is all!

***Me-Blazer: Rainbow; Tank: Charlotte Russe; Leather Skirt: Forever 21; Shoes: Target; Bag: Aldo

Photo Credit: wheretoget.it

Friday, October 30, 2015

Yellow (and a hint of Snakeskin)

So I pretty much added a yellow blazer and a snakeskin clutch and shoes to this outfit that I wore previously. Doesn't Jada look gorgeous?! *swoons*

***Me- Top: Rainbow; Pants: Burlington Coat Factory; Blazer: Missguided; Shoes and Bag: Target

Photo Credit: Celebmafia

Thursday, October 29, 2015


This post is inspired by my mother, who died from breast cancer 9 years ago.  Every year in October, I try to wear something pink each week in honor of her.  I usually put up a picture of the thing/person that inspires me, but because it is still a bit difficult to look at pictures of her, I decided against it.  I love her and miss her everyday, and hope that she's proud of me and my brother. To everyone out there, let's continue to support this fight against breast cancer and I look forward to the day when we find a cure.

***Me- Top- Guess; Pants-Forever 21; Shoes: Target

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My BF's

So, for years I vowed to never get boyfriend jeans. I tried a pair on when they first started getting popular, but they were really baggy and wide.  They really did look exactly like guy's jeans (and they were wider because guys had not started wearing slimmer styles) and I HATED it, and couldn't understand the craze. Fast forward to the present day some 5 plus years later, and I found a pair I love, ripped and slim, on an incredible discount at a JC Penney. I don't know if they modified them since that day I last tried them, or if the pair I got was just not for me (or anyone...). Either way, I love these and when I came across Tia Mowry in hers, I figured I'd jazz up mine in a similar way for a day of errand running. Off I go!

***Me- Top and Jacket: Wetseal; Jeans: JC Penney; Shoes: Guess; Bag: H&M

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Leopard Remix

So really, I just wanted to wear a different color besides red or black with leopard.  I actually really love it paired with yellow.

***Me- Shorts: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's; Shoes: Express; Bag: Aldo

 Just wanted to show off my itty bitty calf muscles I've been working so hard on :)

 Photo Credit: Pinterest

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Casually Clueless

So this look was definitely inspired by the movie Clueless, which is one of my favorite movies.  I loved Cher's red dress, thought Dionne's braids were gorgeous, and I even had a purple Jansport mini backpack that my aunt gave me one year. And of course, when I saw Rihanna wearing the same dress years later, it rejuvenated my love for the 90's all over again.  To give it my own twist, I decided to pair my dress with my favorite leopard-print Adidas for comfort and my bucket bag while I shopped in the uncomfortably crowded stores during tax-free weekend.

**Me- Dress: Foreign Exchange; Shoes: Adidas; Bag: H&M

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan; gurl.com; popsugar.com; clothesonfilm.com

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Southern Midi Style

So I decided to try wearing a silhouette I don't normally gravitate to-a midi skater dress.  It's a bit southern, 1950's housewife, and though I am from (and currently in) the South, it's just not my thing.  It's really just a longer version of a skater dress (which I sometimes like, depending on the length which, if too short, can fly up with the wind :(  However, I've been seeing them a lot more, especially on the First Lady and Jessica Alba, who both wear this style of dress often.
Will I try this style of dress again? I don't know, maybe, because I actually like the one I have on.  But I don't see it being a staple in my closet. However, that's the same thing I said about midi body con dresses and skirts, and now I have like four!

***Me- Dress: Forever 21; Shoes: Express; Bag: Aldo

 Photo Credit: galleryhip.com

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stripe Two

Clearly I love black/white stripes (see my last post ). This dress I'm wearing is one of my favorites and I love when summer comes around so I can wear it.  So of course I loved Zendaya's look when I spotted it!  I traded in what I normally wear with this- flat sandals and bright accessories for heels, hoops and a bit of a red lip.

***Me- Dress: Express; Shoes: Target; Jewelry: Burlington Coat Factory

Photo Credit: http://socialmediastyle.tumblr.com

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mustard Mix

So I just needed a different way to wear these pants and Jessica Alba provided me with a new style inspiration.

P.S. Life caught up with me these past few months and I just got too busy to keep up with this blog, but I'm back at it again! Happy Tuesday!
 P.P.S. So sorry the pic is a bit blurry...I didn't realize the camera was out of focus until I was uploading the pics....

***Me-Top/Pants: Forever 21; Bag: Target; Necklace: Charlotte Russe; Shoes: Payless

Photo Credit: skirt.yournextshoes.com; pinterest

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Every year for the past few years, I decide on a color(s) that I want to wear a lot of for the fall and spring. When I saw Emma Stone in this dress, I decided to make green (hunter, forest, and the jewel tone version which I have on) my fall color.       (I also chose Ivory...see the previous blog.)  Unfortunately, these shades of green are a bit hard to find so in the end, I only found this skirt. I already had the blazer, so I figured I would pair them together.  I'll try again next year *shrugs*

***Me- Blazer and Skirt: Forever 21; Shoes: Target; Bag: Cato

Photo Credit: customcelebritydresses.com