Sunday, March 17, 2013

OLDIES:Rodarte for Target Lace Print Dress

So I haven't been that inspired lately by some the trends and outfits I've seen online and in magazines.  The ones I have seen are spring/summer outfits, so I can't really wear them yet.  To make up for the lack of inspiration, I've decided to do "Oldies", which are looks that were inspired by something and worn previously by me before I started this blog.  That way, when I'm not feeling inspired, I can still blog :)  So, this "Oldie" is a dress I purchased in 2011.  It is a Rodarte for Target Lace Print Dress.  I got it when Target re-released looks from their past designer collaborations.  I missed it when it came out in 2009, so I was SOOO happy when this dress was chosen as one of the 34 they decided to bring back.  I have a picture of the original advertisement of the dress and Rachel McAdams in hers.  I noticed that both have bare legs and Rachel even has sandals with hers.  I don't know why, but I would never wear this dress in the summer.  I think it looks better with tights and is better suited for fall/winter.  So,I paired mine with a black top, black tights, and black booties.  I had to add the black belt to accentuate my waist because it didn't do anything for my body without a belt.  I love when Target has designer collabs and I loveeeeee this dress!

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