Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jail Stripes and Brights

This fashion inspiration is comes courtesy of Ms. Kelly Osbourne.  This is a look she wore back in March or April of last year on my favorite show, Fashion Police.  She is in a blazer and pants by H&M, shirt by Alexander Wang, and shoes by Aldo. At first, I thought the top was red (which is what I would have put with it), but then I realized it was orange and that made me appreciate this look sooooo much more! I love that all the colors in this look go with each other, but wouldn't necessarily be thought of to put all of them together.  You could wear this look with a black top or you could just wear the top and pants.  But I love how she threw them all together and made it work.  And it's SO true to her style and love of print and bold colors. (ie her purple hair )   The shoes were a bit too daring for me so I played it safe with black. This is outfit is definitely out of my comfort zone as far as the color pairing goes, but I think I pulled it off!! (Plus, I got a quite a few compliments on it as well :) 
SN:I know you can't tell but my top is orange too. I guess the lighting didn't quite capture that *shrugs*

*Me-Blazer: Olsenboye (JCP); Top: Forever 21; Pants: New York & Company;
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

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