Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OLDIES: Carrie Bradshaw's Tulle Skirt

This oldie is an outfit that was inspired by Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw.   This was the final episode of the series and is one of my favs because Big finally realizes that Carrie is the one and goes all the way to Paris to find her and bring her back to NY. (It's so romantic and it always makes me cry when I watch the episode). When he finally sees her, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is wearing her signature tulle (tutu) skirt in a gorgeous seafoam green.  The minute I saw this look, I made a mental note that if I ever came across a skirt like this, I would buy it no matter the cost.  Well, fortunately for me, the cost was only $27.80 at Forever 21.  FYI, if you want to be trendy and not break the bank, Forever 21 is a great place to go.  I swear they always have the latest trends within weeks of their runway debuts!!  I loved that a blazer was added to this look.  It brought polish and sophistication to a big, colorful, fun skirt.  I originally wore this skirt for Easter 2011 (the violet and lavender combo seemed fitting for Easter) with a white blazer and glittery gray platform sandals.  This time, I decided to go a bit simpler and just add a tank, cardigan, and platform pumps, and big curls (which kept aggravating me because it was so windy that day!).  
*P.S. I apologize for the blurriness of the first pic...sometimes you just can't get it right no matter how hard you try lol

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