Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Leather and Lace

 Today's fashion inspiration comes from two trends that were big on the runways for fall 2012- leather and lace.  Because I love them both, I decided to combine an outfit with both of the trends.  I first saw the two trends combined on Ashley Greene back in January 2012 at the People's Choice Awards.  The DKNY black leather and lace mini stood out in my mind and I knew I wanted to wear a similar combo.  I then saw Kim K. in a Monica Chiang leather pencil skirt.  I also loved Kerry Washington in her leather pencil skirt.  After seeing the pencil skirts, I decided to look for a skirt instead of a dress like Ashley's.  I love this combination of sexy and sophistication.  Though you can't fully see the bag, I added a black and white polka dot clutch to through another pattern in there.  Plus, black and white is a big color combination trend right now.  This skirt is my new favorite item right now!!!!

**me- Top-Kohl's; Skirt: JCPenney; Shoes: Ebay; Bag: Cato's

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