Monday, April 18, 2016


I've noticed that Rihanna wears sweatshirts (and sometimes track jackets) as dresses a lot.  In my case, if it truly is marketed as a sweatshirt, I wear it as a such, with pants/leggings/skirts that are also visible! I've had this sweatshirt dress for 4 years now, and I have only worn it twice.  The weather in SC is kind of weird, so it's either too cold or too hot to wear,  and this sweatshirt dress definitely holds heat.  But after seeing Rihanna repeatedly in hers, I decided to pull this back out and add my otk boots to dress it up a bit.

***Me-Sweatshirt-dress: Adidas; Boots: Dolce Vita; Knee Socks: Bebe

Photo Credit: wheretogetit;

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