Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My BF's

So, for years I vowed to never get boyfriend jeans. I tried a pair on when they first started getting popular, but they were really baggy and wide.  They really did look exactly like guy's jeans (and they were wider because guys had not started wearing slimmer styles) and I HATED it, and couldn't understand the craze. Fast forward to the present day some 5 plus years later, and I found a pair I love, ripped and slim, on an incredible discount at a JC Penney. I don't know if they modified them since that day I last tried them, or if the pair I got was just not for me (or anyone...). Either way, I love these and when I came across Tia Mowry in hers, I figured I'd jazz up mine in a similar way for a day of errand running. Off I go!

***Me- Top and Jacket: Wetseal; Jeans: JC Penney; Shoes: Guess; Bag: H&M

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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