Saturday, May 24, 2014

Turquoise Statement Necklace

I've wanted a big turquoise necklace since I saw Eva Mendes in hers at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards. At the time when I was searching high and low,  I never found one I liked, just pendants and stones.  I think turquoise is such a gorgeous color, especially in the spring.  Then, at this year's Golden Globes, Sophia Vergara wore a turquoise necklace that made me want to go and hunt for one again. (Btw, I wouldn't have paired her shade of turquoise with black. I felt it should have been more green than blue but that's just my opinion)  This time I ended up finding one from Alloy.  Though I like Sophia and Eva's necklaces, the design seemed too dressy, like I could only wear it to a ball or something lol.  I like the design that I found because it can be worn casually with a tee, jeans, and heels, or dressy like I did here, with my coral Jennifer Lopez ruched wrap dress and heels.  

SN: I am so so happy that it's finally warm :)

**Me- Dress: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's; Shoes: BCBG; Bag: Aldo; Necklace: Alloy Apparel

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