Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sheer and Fur

This will be my last post wearing winter attire.  I am so ready for spring.  This winter has been super cold and miserable and I am ready to see it go!!!
But moving on....

This sheer striped turtleneck top by Jason Wu that Naomi Campbell is wearing caught my eye instantly.  I've been loving the sheer trend (when it's not totally sheer) so this was a perfect look to recreate.  I like that the top is not totally sheer, so it's appropriate for various settings.  I found one at drumroll.....Forever 21 of course....and was so excited when it came in the mail, and it was pretty cheap too. Yeah it's not a dead ringer, but it has the striped and sheer elements that Naomi's had so that was fine with me.  And because I loved her whole outfit, I added a fur gilet and ankle boots to my outfit as well (and the

**Me- Top: Forever 21; Fur Vest/Gilet: Belk; Jeans; DKNY; Boots: Betsey Johnson

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  1. That is cute!!!! I must borrow it...Great Job

    1. Aww thx Tia, but no, you cannot borrow it!!!!