Sunday, September 22, 2013

Plus One More

    So it's official...I can call Jessica Alba one of my fashion icons!  I have already done five posts about her one more for today's post!!  Her style really resonates with me and is probably the closest to what I actually wear.  
    Anyways...I was running late (as usual) and needed something quick to wear.  I remembered I saw this pic and I thought this would be perfect to throw on.  There's not much to it-just a red cardi/blazer, striped top, high-waist jeans, gladiator sandals, and a great bag lol!  I've only worn the cardi/blazer once-mostly because it's an orangey-red (not really my favorite shade of red), it's a bit bright, and honestly, it's just not something I gravitate to when I'm trying to figure out what to wear.  But, as stated in my byline, the purpose of this blog is to find ways to wear things in my closet differently (gotta make sure I get my money's worth at least), so I'm glad I got to make use of this top.


Cardi/Blazer: Sears; Cami: Express; Jeans: Delia's; Bag: Aldo

Photo credit: PeopleStyleWatch

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