Friday, July 19, 2013

Printed Midi Dress

This look is a fusion of elements from two outfits I spotted.

 I came across this pic of Bridget Kelly and gravitated to it instantly.  I immediately loved everything about her look-her hair, the KTZ printed dress, the bright colored pumps by Gucci-everything was just perfect!

The second look was courtesy of Evelyn Lozada back in January.  Her dress was a Felicity & Coco long-sleeved midi dress, which was super cute.  I especially loved that she added wedge sneakers to it for a more sporty vibe.

Keeping both of these looks in mind, I knew that I:
 a) wanted a dress that was black and white and had some sort of print or lettering on it
 b) wanted it to be a midi dress because it was a trend I wanted to try
 c) wanted to add a bright shoe to the look.

Welllllll, I found a cute number-printed dress at ASOS, which interestingly enough, showed the dress paired with wedge sneakers. (I tried it on with my wedge sneakers just to see how it looked...I looked freaking ridiculous!!!)  I paired it with a bright clutch and peep toe heels.
Overall, I loved how the look came together but this will probably be my only midi length item I buy.  The length seems to cut your legs off at a weird spot which can look bad especially if you're not tall. Plus, I just love short dresses way too much!!

**Me- Dress: ASOS; Heels, Clutch: Express

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