Sunday, May 19, 2013

Diane's Floral Print Trousers

Today's inspiration comes from Diane Kruger's photo-call outfit for her film back in late January.  She is wearing a vest and silk floral print trousers by Stella McCartney.  This look embodies 4 trends: printed pants, floral, tapered hem trousers, and black/white.  I like that she kept it black/gray/white and didn't add a pop of color or fussy jewelry.  Again, I love effortless, yet fashionable outfits and this is another perfect example.  I was a bit nervous about the tapered hem (aka borderline MC Hammer-time pants), but I decided to take a tiny step out of my fashion comfort zone and try the trend.  I came across several similar pants at Forever 21 (of course!).  I already had a black tee, vest, and pumps, so I really only spent about $25 to recreate this look, saving myself $900 lol (her trousers are $925!).

**Me-Top: Charlotte Russe; Vest, Trousers: Forever 21; Pumps: Payless

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