Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OLDIES: Big Buddha Wayne Western Boots

Beyonce posted this picture last year on her website.  She's wearing a yellow top, black peplum skirt, and some awesome Big Buddha Wayne Western boots! I love the crossbody bag she added with it because even though it's not the same exact print as the boots, the colors are the same so it works.  I also love that she decided to go with a yellow top to bring out the yellow in the boots.

Well, as soon as I saw Beyonce in these boots, I wanted them....the EXACT PAIR (no knockoffs) and I did not care how much they were going to cost.  Lucky for me, they only costed me $80 at Zappo's (and shipping was free!!!!).  Since purchasing them in September, I've worn them about fifty million times with everything from leggings to a dress to a sleeveless fur vest!  This time, I took inspiration from Beyonce's black and peplum and decided to pair my boots with black Levi's and a burgundy peplum top from Alloy.

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