Thursday, November 22, 2012

Trying Out Red & Olive

Trying Out Red & Olive

The two outfits featured in today's post are both inspired by outfits featured in Instyle Magazine (one of my favorite magazines!).  I first noticed the "Neutral-Know-How" color book in an  issue back in April and liked how the color book showed different color schemes one may not think to pair together.  I then saw it again when I came across Instyle's feature, "Inspired by Instyle" back in August.  The girl they featured had camo pants with a red lace top and I loved it.  The other outfit I came across with this color scheme came from Instyle's October 2012's "28 Days of Amazing Outfits" article. The colors looked good together in that look as well, so I decided I would give olive and red a try.  Though I've seen red and green together (mostly around Christmas), I've never thought to put it together.  I normally wear these camo leggings with beiges and olives, and the safari jacket was sitting in a bin in my house waiting to be dropped off at the Goodwill!!  I wasn't feeling bold enough to wear a red top, so I opted for red accessories-a bag and earrings (which you may not be able to see in my pic).  Overall, I would say I like these colors together.

me- leggings:Target; sweater: Wetseal; button-up:Charlotte Russe; jacket:Bebe; boots: Cathy Jean; bag:Jessica Simpson; earrings:Charlotte Russe

me-top-Rainbow; jacket:Charlotte Russe; jeans:Urban Outfitters; boots: Target; bag:Rainbow

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