Sunday, April 9, 2017

More Than One Color Pt 1

So I figured I'd post something since I'm trying to stay up late waiting on this VB for Target to drop. Sn: I'm going to miss the fact that people in SC don't care as much about this "designer collab" stuff when I move away.  From what I've read about the events like this in big cities where some options are only available in store, it's like a madhouse!

Anyways, something that I am always telling my friends is "If you like it, buy it in more than one color". If something fits you well, why not?! It saves time getting dressed, you'll get your money's worth because you will wear it, and you'll avoid the hassle of returning items. Who doesn't love this?!

Warning: This will be one of those part 1, part 2 posts because I don't want to overwhelm with all the pics!

Last thing-I also really love when an item makes me look like I have a little something in the back :)

***Me- Dress and Shoes: F21; Bag: Express

***Me-Dress: F21;Vest: Belk; Shoes and Bag:Target

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