Thursday, November 20, 2014

Orange Maxi

I had been searching for an orange maxi dress since 2009! What I saw was either way too expensive, not the right shade, or not long enough.  Every year since, I've been on a quest to find one and could never seem to come across one that met all of my requirements. This year, I actually forgot about renewing my search until I came across this photo of Joy Bryant in an orange maxi. (Isn't she so incredibly gorgeous smh.) And then I finally found Topshop!! And it was long enough, and the price was decent, and I loved the color.  And because it's fall, I added my olive cargo jacket....
SN: I took these pics when it was still pretty warm, I've just gotten very distracted lately (*shrugs*)

***Me- Dress: Topshop;  Jacket: Charlotte Russe;  Shoes: Guess;  Bag: Aldo

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