Wednesday, January 22, 2014


 So statement sweaters and sweatshirts have been having a moment this fall/winter season.  Many magazine, articles, blogs, and stores are featuring sweaters with cute/bold phrases, prints, patterns, and famous faces.  Before, the words "statement sweater" was synonymous in my head with the infamous Christmas sweaters-or if you had elementary school teachers like mine--a sweater for wintertime, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc!!!! (I shudder at the thought!)  Obviously, I like that these aren't so cheesy and give your outfit a bit of pizazz and sassiness. 

I got this sweater because my name starts with an A and I've really been gravitating to items that have that on them and I thought the ace of spades symbol was a nice/different touch. Originally when I purchased my sweater, I thought it would look good with a skater skirt I have.  Unfortunately it didn't look so hot when I put them together :(  So when in doubt, grab black, which is what I did.  I actually liked that the pants had a white stripe which picked up the white in the sweater.  The red shoes and bag were added to give it some color (lately I've been self conscious about wearing all black-trying to avoid possible weird stares and goth comparisons). 

**Me- Sweater: River Island (ASOS); Pants: JC Penney; Shoes: present from my bestie!!

Interesting fact I found out after I wore the sweater-


To flip over the Ace of Spades in any kind of card reading is to get a warning of impending death - whether it be your own or someone linked to you. However - it doesn't always have to be a literal death - it could be a death of a certain self, or a phase of life, thus opening to path to a new existence or new identity.


People who sport the Ace of Spades are, whether they know it or not, announcing that they welcome death as a means to a better existence, or simply, that they are not afraid of death and the changes it will bring....ok um, they went too deep with this and that was NOT the statement I was trying to make!! Lol smh! I JUST LIKED IT FOR THE A'S smh!

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